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I cut my calories…

I joined a gym…




All day every day I hear statements similar to this one.

It gets worse!


Since menopause…

I’ve gained over 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds…

Each and Every year, I have to purchase larger and larger clothes…

I don’t even want to go shopping anymore…

It’s depressing…

I used to love to shop!

When menopause puts 20 to 50 extra pounds on a woman…

She tells me that she has lost a piece of who she is.

It’s hard to put your finger on it… because they call it so many different things.

Because they call it so many different things…

Maybe they feel less feminine…

Feminity is molded in our minds as being petite…


I’ve gained 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds.

And no matter what I do I can’t lose it!

I’ve joined Weight Watchers…

I count my points like a mathematician…

The other members seem to be losing…

But I have actually gained weight!

Let me introduce you to someone.

Her name is Laura.

She goes by Mogy…

hormones and weight





When I began The HOPE Protocol, I had gained so much weight it attributed to me needing double hip replacement. After my surgeries, I decided that I needed to lose the weight and keep it off. I tried every diet. You name it and I tried it. Nothing worked! Then I went to Doc Mac and he told me about The HOPE Protocol. He explained that it was all about my hormones. He taught me how menopause had taken away my hormones. If I could fix my hormones I could lose the weight. He was right! I have lost over 50 pounds and went from a size 20 to a size 6. And I have kept it off for several years now. It works girls! Mogy…

There are 4 Steps to The HOPE Protocol

  1. Hormone Optimization
  2. Organic Diets
  3. Purging Toxins
  4. Electronic Coaching

You are nothing more than a reflection of what your internal chemistry is.

If your hormones are right,

You will weigh what you are supposed to weigh.


My past patients and my current clients call me by my nickname,  Doc Mac…

And along with my wife Vicky Mac…

We developed The HOPE Protocol…

I originally developed it for her when she went into early menopause at the age of 42.

She gained weight, and even though she was a nutritionist and a nurse, she couldn’t lose it no matter what she did.

I had been practicing Nutritional Medicine for 25 years at the time.

I had developed the same problem a year before she did.

I discovered it was my hormones.

I went back to being a student and studied anti-aging medicine.

I took the test to become board certified and passed.

I learned that we had to fix our hormones before we could take off our weight.

Because as we age we lose our fat burning hormones.


We fixed our hormones and our weight.

We then went on to share it with our community.

We eventually opened, owned and operated 7 hormone and weight optimization clinics in 7 different cities in Northern California.

We have helped hundreds of menopausal women lose weight and feel great.

After being in private practice for over 35 years, we recently retired…

We now work completely online by coaching women on how to lose the excess weight of menopause.

There are 4 components to our program…

And it’s easy…

You just need to know what to do and when to do it…

what to do and when to do it…

when to do it…

  • You will need to take a couple of supplements that help with hormone optimization.
  • You will need to go on a food-restricted diet that helps balance your hormones, not a caloric restricted diet, those never work long term.
  • You will need to purge your liver of toxins so it can do its job. The liver is in charge of both fat burning and activating your fat burning hormones.
  • You will need to have a go-to motivating source that keeps you accountable. Someone to coach you to the finish line.

We have learned that we can show you testimonial after testimonial…

We have learned that we can explain the program over and over…

We have learned that you won’t believe it until you experience it…

We are going to prove it…

We will coach you through losing a minimum of 7 pounds in the next 2 weeks!

And we will do it at no charge!

We only have a few spots open…

You will need to go through a qualification process.

We will not ask for a credit card or any other down payment.

Call 1-800-788-7454 to see if you qualify!


That’s right!

Take The HOPE Protocol for a 2-week test ride…

We will prove to you HOW EASILY our program works…

There are only a few openings each week…

And you must qualify…

How do you qualify?

You must be serious about making lifestyle changes…

Call immediately or you will have to go on a waiting list…

Or you can schedule your quickstart consult…

By using our online scheduling system…

Click Here To Acess Our Online Scheduling System!

What do you have to lose?

Oh! That’s Right…

Your menopausal excess weight…

Once you lose your first 7 pounds…

We are willing to bet that you will want to stay with us…

Our program is so ridiculously affordable for what you receive

Over 80% continue with the program to their ideal weight…

We have learned that those that take quick action succeed…

If you are hemming and hawing…

This program is probably not for you…

If you are the quick action type…

Let’s get started!

Click Here To Acess Our Online Scheduling System!

Or Call 1-800-788-7454

menopause relief





Doc and Vicky Mac


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Welcome to The HOPE Protocol,

If you have found that menopause has caused a combination of menacing symptoms that include one or more of the symptoms listed below:




  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss Resistance
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Low Moods
  • Loss of Sex Drives
  • Loss of all drives

Then you have come to the right web-page.

My name is David McDaniels. My clients nicknamed me Doc Mac.

My first 25 years of private practice I was a Doctor of Chiropractic.

My specialty was nutritional medicine.

After having a very busy practice, my body started to malfunction.

I would have to use my hands to walk along the wall when I arose in the mornings to get to the restroom.

My wife, who was one of my nurses, eventually told me to check my hormones.


I’m a latin guy, we don’t have hormone problems.

I tested my hormones.

She was right!


I went to The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

I learned what they taught.

And I started to treat myself.

My symptoms became worse.

Then one day I was talking to a physician in his 80s at a medical conference and he was telling me how he just rode his bicycle over the Sierra.

I couldn’t ride my bike across town.

I asked him what was his secret.

He told me HORMONES…

I told him been there done that.

He said, “Then you did them wrong.”

I continued to study hormones and even took the test to become board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine.

I passed.

I started working on myself again but this time I used low-dose hormones and changed how I combined my foods.

Wa La!

All my pain went away, I lost over 30 pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle. My body went from being round to being V-shaped.

My thoughts changed from being in fear all the time to being in love all the time.

Life became awesome!

I retired from chiropractic and changed careers.

I started treating men and women on how to optimize their hormones.

It was a great success.


My wife went into early menopause at the age of 42.

She gained weight and no matter what she did she couldn’t lose the weight.

It frustrated her more than the average woman because she was a certified nutritionist.

It took her awhile but she eventually asked me for help.

As I treated her, we developed a protocol.

The protocol used hormone supplements, food combining, and organ detoxes.

It worked so well that we opened seven hormone and weight optimization medical clinics throughout Northern California.

After specializing in hormone and weight optimization for over 10 years, we decided we wanted to help women throughout the nation and other nations.

To do that, we retired in early 2016 to take our system online.

We went from being a doctor and a nurse to being Menopausal Relief Coaches.

We called our online system The HOPE Protocol.

  • H-ormone Optimization
  • O-rganic Foods
  • P-urification Techniques
  • E-lectronic Coaching

We have helped thousands of women Make Menopause Awesome.

If you want to achieve a great body, a positive mind, and live a life filled with energy, motivation and the drives to have fun…

Even though you are hormonally challenged.

Then we invite you to go through the basic tenets of The HOPE Protocol.

We have provided you with The First Step.

Click Here to read all about it!